Divorce with your kids in mind.

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Agreed. is a better way to divorce & co-parent.

Here’s how:

The process starts with you.

Find out how you behave during conflict and what triggers bring out the best from you and the worst. Instead of retreating or blowing up, you will learn to recognize your personal conflict triggers and manage them more productively. Instead of fighting or avoiding each other, you will learn to communicate clearly, honestly and respectfully. This is the first step to a better divorce and co-parenting.

We’ll help you increase your conflict skills through on-going education that is tailored just for you. Learn how to deal with conflict in a way that both parties feel heard and respected…resulting in better communication, less misunderstandings, and a faster, easier resolution.

Divorce Coaching, Online Divorce, Online Mediation

Online Divorce Coaching

Each spouse works individually with a conflict coach to navigate the emotional, financial, support and parenting time issues of your divorce. Your coach can help you navigate through this unknown process in a way that holds each of you accountable and focuses on creating a resolution that works for both of you. You will feel supported and know that we understand the challenges you face as we have been there ourselves.

Your coach will help you focus on finding what the key elements are, your goals, and what steps need to be taken to collaborate more effectively. Each one of you works from your best self to create an agreement that brings about positive feelings and allows you to move forward in your lives.

Divorce & Co-Parenting Plan

Divorce & Co-Parenting Plan

We create a custom plan with your individual situation in mind. The plan addresses finances, co-parenting, support and setting appropriate boundaries. Our divorce coordinators work with you to ensure your divorce and financial disclosure forms are correctly filled out and filed at the appropriate times. Our secure digital dashboard gives you the tools to collaborate in real-time through the entire process.

Online Mediation when & where it works for you.

Our online mediators will help you cooperatively works towards the goal of a mutually satisfactory Marital Settlement Agreement. Once an agreement has been finalized, it is forwarded to our legal team where it will be reviewed and court documents filed on your behalf.

Online Cooperative Divorce

  • Ideal for couples who are struggling to agree, but are unable to communicate

    without strong emotion. A cooperative divorce without attorneys.

  • 3 Online Divorce Coaching Sessions
    per person
  • 2 Online Mediation Sessions
  • Conflict Behavior Testing & Debriefing
  • Customized Conflict Education
  • Divorce & Co-Parenting Plan
  • Divorce Forms & Assist in Filings
  • 24/7 Access to Secure Digital Platform

  • * does not include court or filing fees

The most important factor that determines how children will fare during their parents divorce is how the parents deal with their own conflict.

Divorce with your kids in mind.

Is Agreed right for you and your family?

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Our Story

Ever wondered about those couples who thrive after their divorce, get along well with their ex-spouse and co-parent extraordinarily well? They seem to understand that their divorce was but a painful moment in their lives that does not define them. The difference between couples who can get along after the divorce and the ones who cannot often boils down to the behavior that occurred during the divorce!

What if your divorce could be first step towards better co-parenting, and set the stage for more satisfying relationships moving forward?

Deciding to end the marriage is the painful first step. Deciding HOW you will divorce is an even more important decision that affects not only you and your spouse, but your children and those around you. We can help. Our cooperative divorce sets the stage for more support and accountability during the process, less stress from conflict and guidance through this life-altering experience. Agreed. is a tool that helps take the emotion and stress out of divorce and co-parenting.

My divorce itself was mundane . . . the years of constant, stomach-churning conflict afterward was the most drama I never expected.

Every week was some new chaos. A battle over nothing and everything! The damage our divorce had done, made what destroyed our marriage, live ammunition that we hurled at each other whenever we got a chance. We were not aware how it was hurting our children and preventing us from healing and moving forward. It had to stop, but traditional therapy was no help (and expensive) and left me with a feeling that there had to be a better way.

I ugly cried — a lot. I got mad. Then I founded Agreed.

My inner researcher got to work. Speaking to many close personal friends whose divorces were several years long, extremely expensive and combative, made me realize the problem was bigger than what I had experienced. The stress affected personal relationships, their relationships with their children, work and their own health! Destroying one another in the court of law benefited NO ONE. I got busy learning about conflict and became a Certified Conflict Dynamic Profile Practitioner and with my background in web-based software developed the ideas behind our unique methodology. We’ve worked closely with experts in coaching, divorces, counseling, marriage family therapy, educators as well as, parents, psychologists, law enforcement ,medical professionals and attorneys to create a cooperative solution that addresses the many difficult issues of divorce and co-parenting. Agreed. empowers people to do conflict better.